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Nero Defense Industry Inc. is a global company occupied in electro-mechanical design and production in various product groups. Nero industry has the production facilities in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Military vehicle automatic fire extinguishing system manufacturer as one of the world’s top 3 companies. Sakarya Factory has 50,000 m2 closed area and Ankara Factory has 9000 m2 closed area. Now, Nero Industry has developed its original products with 260 employees and exports to more than 20 countries on 4 different continents.

• Test Infrastructure; Nero Industry has the infrastructure to test its systems in accordance with military standards in its Production Facilities. These test infrastructures are listed below.

– Shock Vibration Test Chamber; in the range of 1HZ-2.1 kHz, up to 1.500 kg sub-systems’ shock and vibration test equipment which tests can be made by, was set up for the first time in Turkey.
– Non-Reflective (EMI / EMC) Room; EMI EMC Test Chamber is capable of entering vehicles and generators. EMI EMC Circle has the necessary infrastructure for the testing of Subsystem, Diesel Engine, and Generator systems.
– Environmental Test Chamber; It has a substructure in the size of vehicles and generators in the range of -55 ° C / + 75 ° C in accordance with MIL-STD 810G standards.
Nero Industry produces in the following main product groups.

ARES Fire Extinguishing Systems;

UV-IR optical detectors developed by Nero Industry can detect fires within 3 (three) milliseconds and ARES pyrotechnic tubes are activated within 6 (six) milliseconds. The fire is suppressed within 250 milliseconds when the flame is in the size of a golf ball.

Ares Fire Suppression Systems; It can be applied to all types of armored military vehicles and platforms, Personnel compartment, Ammunition compartment, Vehicle Outer Body, Engine compartment, Tire, and Fuel Tank compartments.

ARMA Power System Solutions;

ARMA Power Systems product range is designed and manufactured by Nero Industry with military dual, mobile generator, AC/DC converter, power distribution/switching unit, auxiliary power unit (APU), hydraulic, air conditioning, and life support systems.

MARS CBRN Filtration and Detection Systems;

Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear (CBRN) Mobile Filtration Protection Systems used in the production of 7 different CBRN filters. The company develops and manufactures fresh air by-pass valve blocks with the control unit, fan drive module, cyclone, rain and pre-course filtration system which is found in the system.

UMAY Laser Warning and Smoke Grenade Systems;

It consists of 3 main components: Laser Detection Sensors, Control Unit, and Smoke Grenade Launcher. The system detects laser signals directed on the vehicle for different purposes within a period of 10 to 50 milliseconds, automatically or manually firing the relevant smoke grenade, eliminating the vehicle from the target and creating the time required to leave safely.