Why Exhibit

Create a New Business

With the contrubiton and participation from the real Eurasia market, Eurasia Airshow 2022 is the key point of new business hub for aviation industry. Depends on the key figures of the Eurasia Airshow 2018; more than 15 billion USD+ new business has signed and more than 200 MoUs have done, Eurasia Airshow 2022 will expect to grow %40 on average.

Enjoy Antalya

Eurasia Airshow 2022 will be held at Antalya International Airport, one of Turkey’s top three busiest airports. The area and its sufficient infrastructure ensure a top-level exhibition of flight capabilities. Antalya is selected because it meets all the criteria for such an international aviation event: technical and operational infrastructure, military aircraft technical requirements, ground handling services, entertainment and shopping facilities, accommodation capacity, accessibility, and favorable weather conditions.